"As your Assembly Member, no issue or concern will feel too small or too personal to be brought to my office. Below are just a few platforms on issues that are top of mind for residents of Assembly District 73"

Small Business


Small businesses are a crucial part of not just the vitality of our neighborhoods, but the district’s charm and culture. COVID-19 upended our economy, especially for small businesses with less than 500 employees (the vast majority). 


State funding has helped many businesses bounce back but the fact is, small businesses in NYC have experienced negative impacts from the pandemic at rates that exceed the national average. 

As your next Assembly Member, I am committed to continue the advocacy work I have done on behalf of small businesses everywhere as Deputy Commissioner of the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs. I will:

  • Ensure that small businesses are made aware of and gain access to the programs, services, and resources available to them

  • Advocate for the survival of our legacy and historic businesses

  • Work to free small businesses up from onerous licensing and bureaucratic requirements so that their focus can be on bouncing back

  • Ensure fair leases

  • Advocate for a vacancy tax for vacant storefronts that sit at above-market price for more than 6 months

  • Fill in the communications gaps between small business and state government - every business should know who to call to get the support they need, when they need it

  • Create new and expand on existing opportunities and strategies to spotlight and market our small businesses in a way that leads to more people walking through their door (for every dollar spent on a small business, over 60% stays in the community)

  • Start a Small Business Advisory Council comprised of small business owners and leaders across the district


I have a long background in education and youth development - from developing curricula to training teachers on psychosocially supportive practices for students in crisis to developing and implementing citywide youth mentoring programs. 


As a mother to a 7-year-old, I know that school is more than just a place to learn; it's a place to develop relationships, expand social-emotional learning, build curiosity, and develop confidence. 


What our educators and school personnel have accomplished in the face of an unprecedented pandemic is nothing short of miraculous. As someone who cut her teeth working in the emergency education sector, I know that continuing education - whether formal or informal - is crucial for our children’s recovery and renewal. I also know that families need support now more than ever. 


As your next Assembly Member, I will:

  • Fight hard for increased funding to every public school in the district so that no one school is better than the other, ensuring that every child in our community has an equal shot at a quality education and access to a variety of enrichment programs

  • Ensure that the second year of funding committed in the 2021 State budget to Foundation Aid is actualized

  • Advocate for more transparency on how state and federal funds are spent appropriately and effectively district-wide

  • Advocate for affordable, accessible early learning opportunities with the goal of statewide universal access to childcare and Pre-K so that working parents like me don’t have to unfairly choose between tending to their children and providing for them;

  • Advocate for increased investments in special education and preschool special education to ensure that all children have access to the services they need.



Abundant Housing


As a single working mother, I am finding it increasingly difficult to afford to live here, and I know I'm not alone. We are facing a housing crisis that was laid bare by the pandemic: in the last 10 years, the City added fewer rental and guaranteed-affordable units than it did in the previous decade and rents continue to increase in large part due to policies in Albany's control.


Every resident of Assembly District 73 deserves a safe and affordable place to live. As your next Assembly Member, I will:

  • Work to remove any outdated or unnecessary barriers to home construction in the district and across Manhattan

  • Join my fellow Democrats working to permit the construction of ADUs and family units statewide

  • Explore the conversion of older Midtown office space into new housing

  • Vote to remove exclusionary zoning policies outside the city that keep New York City rents artificially inflated 

  • Ensure that our neighborhoods retain their historic beauty and charm while making sure they are accessible to all

  • Stand with rent-controlled and rent-stabilized tenants against any rollbacks of their tenant rights