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May Malik is a mom, an immigrant, and an advocate. Born in Sudan, May’s spent her career in public service fighting for a better New York. She does that as a mom to a public school student every day during the most difficult time for kids' learning. And she's done that in City government. As Deputy Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, May helped lead the City's fight against the Trump administration - on the Muslim ban, on family separation, and on the Census immigration question. And the work she led was a key part of the city’s COVID response, helping immigrants connect with important resources during the height of the pandemic.


Before that, May joined the New York City Mayor's Office as Director of Public-Private Partnerships at NYC Service where she led and executed strategic cross-sector partnerships designed to leverage financial and people power to address some of New York City's most pressing socioeconomic challenges.


Before her City service, May received her Master's Degree from Columbia University and worked on youth development causes in the nonprofit space. May's running for State Assembly to take her fight to Albany on behalf of all Upper East Siders. She'll advocate for increased education aid, for policy that makes our neighborhoods more affordable for people like her, and for progressive common sense to prevail.